I reinstalled a package called dsc-statistics-presenter on my Debian server. It worked fine with my previous installation but now I'm not able to make it work. Error 403, access forbidden. So, let me give you some details.

From /var/log/:

[Sun Nov 27 17:34:09.186447 2016] [authz_core:error] [pid 26682:tid 140497263544064] [client] AH01630: client denied by server configuration: /usr/lib/cgi-bin/dsc-statistics/dsc-grapher

From the path:

root@UKLNDLABDMZ:~# cat /usr/lib/cgi-bin/dsc-statistics/dsc-grapher 
#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;
use warnings;
use CGI;

use DSC::grapher;
my $grapher = DSC::grapher->new;
$grapher->cgi(new CGI);

If you want see the file permission:

root@UKLNDLABDMZ:~# ls -l /usr/lib/cgi-bin/dsc-statistics/dsc-grapher 
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 148 Dec 15  2012 /usr/lib/cgi-bin/dsc-statistics/dsc-grapher

Only Apache conf installed from the apt-get about that package is the following

root@UKLNDLABDMZ:~# cat /etc/apache2/conf-available/dsc-statistics-presenter.conf 
Alias /dsc /usr/share/dsc-statistics-presenter/html
ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/dsc-statistics /usr/lib/cgi-bin/dsc-statistics

root@UKLNDLABDMZ:~# ls -ld /usr/lib/cgi-bin/dsc-statistics
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Nov 27 18:41 /usr/lib/cgi-bin/dsc-statistics


apt-get install libapache2-mod-perl2


a2enmod cgi

The error changed from 403 to 500

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    What happens if you call /usr/lib/cgi-bin/dsc-statistics/dsc-grapher in the command line? Any errors? – Rui F Ribeiro Nov 27 '16 at 18:35
  • Added in description – Federi Nov 27 '16 at 18:45
  • The error message says: client denied by server configuration, and the error comes from authz_core. Check your server configuration for any authentification configuration (also look into .htaccess file in /usr/lib/cgi-bin/dsc-statistics/). – ridgy Nov 27 '16 at 18:49
  • @RuiFRibeiro Your suggestion driven my to fix the error. Config file error + lib missing – Federi Nov 27 '16 at 18:57
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    Excellent. Would you please then answer your own question? Do it, and I will edit it slightly if there is a need to further explain what happened. Please, also add to the question, or tag it, with the Debian distribution. – Rui F Ribeiro Nov 27 '16 at 19:50

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