My Python script has an interpreter in a first line. The file is executable. Is it possible that I click on my script and the terminal windows opens, executes the script and stays open?

Right now, when I click on it, a question pops up saying 'open or execute'. I choose execute, but nothing happens.

I use Kubuntu 16.10 and Dolphin file manager.

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In Dolphin, just right-click the script and choose "Open With > Other..." and hit the checkbox that says "Run in terminal". You'll need to choose your terminal emulator from the list of software as well. Unfortunately, I think you'll have to tell it to always open .py files the same way if you want it to stick.

  • No, it doesn't work. When I do this, konsole opens and throws kf5.kcoreaddons.kaboutdata: Could not initialize the equivalent properties of Q*Application: no instance (yet) existing. Next time when I click on the script, message pops up again saying Open, execute, cancel. If I click 'execute' nothing happens, no window opens
    – Hrvoje T
    Nov 26, 2016 at 21:22

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