I've done only some very basic stuff with ImageMagick (mainly resizing, also messing with color filters a bit).

Imagemagick has a simple example for overlaying images:

  convert anthony_1.jpg anthony_2.jpg -average  anthony_ghosts.jpg

But I have no idea how to do this in an animated way. An example (with explanation) for ImageMagick or another program would be appreciated.

  • you want to create an animated gif? – Jeff Schaller Nov 25 '16 at 19:13
  • @JeffSchaller yeah – max pleaner Nov 25 '16 at 19:33

I'm no ImageMagick expert either, so there must be better than this example:

convert -pointsize 72 label:ByeBye -resize 300x100! /tmp/b.gif
convert -pointsize 72 label:Hello -resize 300x100! /tmp/a.gif
for i in $(seq 10)
do   composite -blend ${i}0 /tmp/b.gif /tmp/a.gif /tmp/c${i}0.gif
convert -delay 50 -dispose None /tmp/c?0.gif /tmp/c100.gif -loop 3 /tmp/out.gif
display /tmp/out.gif

We create 2 small gifs holding some text, then use -blend with a value of 10% to 100% to create files c10.gif to c100.gif. These are joined into an animation with a delay of 50/100th seconds per frame, looping 3 times. See animation and compose.

enter image description here

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