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In my terminal I run a screen. Obviously I have several tabs and in one of them I connect to a remote server. In this one I have a detached running screen, I attach it but I can't switch its tabs.

PS: the remote running screen has been here since many months ago and is never killed. However the local one is killed every night (company policy)

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  • @StephenKitt This is indeed the solution to my problem, thx – smarber Nov 25 '16 at 9:45

Either use a different command character for the inner screen, for instance by starting it with:

screen -e'^Bb'

So that ^B be the command character instead of ^A and a literal ^B be entered ^Bb.

Or you'll need to enter ^Aa (assuming the outer screen was started with the default settings, that is as if with screen -e'^Aa') for the outer screen to pass that ^A to the inner screen.

That also means that to enter a literal ^A in the inner screen, you'd need to enter ^Aa^Aa.

From within screen, you can change the default command character with the escape command. So for your inner screen already started in an outer screen both using ^A as their command character, you'd enter ^Aa:escape ^Bb to change the command character to ^B

  • works as well, great!! thx! – smarber Nov 25 '16 at 9:49

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