If I change from workspace 1, which holds a window, to workspace 2, which does not, the window from workspace 1 will remain on the screen. Opening a new window in workspace 2 fixes the problem. It would be nice to see a blank screen, or wallpaper, instead.

Also, if I close the sole window in a workspace, the window will remain projected on the workspace.

Can anyone help me to configure XMonad correctly to avoid this?

It is simply a visual hiccup.

My xmonad.hs is here: https://github.com/peterbecich/dotfiles/blob/master/xmonad/xmonad.hs#L37

I'm running XMonad on Debian 8.

Thanks very much!


The answer was to simply set a wallpaper. I did this with feh: https://wiki.debian.org/Openbox#Setting_your_background_image_with_feh

Thanks to geekosaur on #xmonad on freenode!

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