In order to enable the CUDA functionality of a GTX 1060 in Blender, I have to get 3 things in advance:

  • NVIDIA driver
  • CUDA toolkit
  • nvidia-modprobe

The NVIDIA driver and nvidia-modprobe need to have the same version.

I can find different random versions of the NVIDIA driver and different random versions of nvidia-modprobe, but I am not able to find a couple sharing the same version.

  • looks like nvidia and nvidia-modprobe are available in the official ubuntu repositories. assuming you are running an ubuntu variant, do those packages not work for you? and if you are not on a recent version of ubuntu, what OS/distro are you running? – jayhendren Nov 25 '16 at 2:44

You can download the desired version of nvidia-modprobe here:


unpack it, then install via make all and sudo make install.

Also, you can work directly with the sources, available from the github repo:


... selecting the branch corresponding with your driver version.

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