I have noticed recently that I can no longer access the website www.kernel.org in Chromium. All I get is:

This webpage is not available

However, I can access the website from Firefox.

My Chromium version is 37 on Debian Wheezy. I did not change anything in my setup, and I am sure it worked earlier, couple of months ago.

Other than www.kernel.org, I am not aware of any other website that does not work. How could I troubleshoot this problem, to find out why this does not work?

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Short answer: You should update your browser.

The recent version of Chromium is >= 54, and Google Chrome is also at >= 54. Chromium 37 is several years old, and many things have changed through all these years.

From here, we see that there were no updates for Chromium 37 in Ubuntu, and many people stuck in version 37.

The OP is correct, there is no Chromium update to 37 for Precise. This is a known bug and has been reported to launchpad bugs. The stable repository has not been maintained for a few years and adding the "stage" repository will result in upgrading to 48 which won't work on 12.04. As of now this is a problem as 37 is not compatible with the latest libnss3 update and any machine with chromium 37 & libnss3 update can't access google sites or content.

It seems that the same is true for Debian. Please upgrade your browser from the Chromium website, or download Google Chrome instead. It should fix the problem. But note that Google Chrome voilates many of Debian free software guidelines.

  • there is no way to upgrade chromium in Wheezy. I believe, this is due to incompatibility (gcc) of newer chromium versions. And for reasons beyond this discussion, I need to stay in Wheezy. Besides, yours is not really a useful answer. You cannot give knee-jerk answers to blindly upgrade, whenever a newer version is available. Nov 25, 2016 at 8:58

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