I have systemd setup, and it runs:

  • nginx.service on :80
  • wikiname.socket :8080
  • wikiname.service :9094

So here is what I do...

  1. I check if wikiname.service is running...and it is not.
  2. I start the wikiname.socket unit.
  3. I visit http://wikiserver:8080/ my browser does nothing...
  4. I check again to see if wikiname.service is running and now it is, it was started by my browser activating the socket!

This is great and all but...

How can I have the wikiname.socket on the same socket as wikiname.service?

P.S. Before I found out about socket activation in systemd, I was starting the wikiname.service process manually and then when the correct path was called on nginx :80 the request would be proxied to the wikiname.service, but I'd rather use socket activation, so how do I keep both the wikiname.socket and wikiname.service on the same port?

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As far as I understand, the whole idea is that wiki name.socket and wiki name.service should be on the same socket, i.e. both on 8080.

This probably requires that wikiname.service is modified to support socket activation though, check here for examples.

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