My MacBook Pro has two internal hard drives, and they're now laid out like this:

  • SSD
    • Mac HD
    • Bootcamp
  • SATA
    • Storage (for Mac)
    • grub/bios/boot
    • swap
    • linux mint

During the Mint installer, when asked where to install GRUB, I selected /dev/sdb (the SATA drive). rEFInd correctly sees 3 OS'es, but if I choose either Windows (something like /dev/sda2) or Mint (/dev/sdb4 ?) they both boot Windows.

Not sure what I did wrong, or how to fix it. Any advice would be helpful.


Edit - when it boots windows (after selecting Linux in rEFInd) it doesn't even show grub. So I'm imagining I installed grub wrong. Hrm.


I'm still not sure what the cause was, but after many reinstalls, I eventually noticed that when booting from the Mint installer DVD, rEFInd was offering a few different boot options from the DVD. One of them was an EFI boot. Selecting this option worked.

I instructed the installer to install Mint to /dev/sdb4, and GRUB to the same partition. Not sure what ended up happening, as I still have no visibility of GRUB. Now when I boot my MacBook, it boots directly into Mint. If I hold Alt (Option) down at boot, the OS X boot-selector allows me to select between OS X, Windows, and Windows (which is actually Mint).

Up and running -- thanks!

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