Pyxtrlock is a program to lock a workstation while still displaying the screen. That is, keyboard and mouse can not be used until a password is typed on the keyboard, but the contents of the display isn't hidden. Fedora 25 switched to using Wayland by default, and pyxtrlock doesn't effectively the lock any more.

Is there a way to do this kind of lock under Wayland?

(I'm aware I could revert to using Gnome under X again. But I would like to continue to use Wayland, so I'm looking for a solution in the new environment.)

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This functionality is not possible on a compositor-agnostic basis in Wayland. You'd need to get this to be supported by the compositor (e.g Gnome in your case), or have the compositor expose a way (e.g via a wayland protocol) to "lock" the mouse and keyboard so that you can modify Pyxtrlock to work with that compositor.

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