I have a shared server setup with several users. I'm in the process of securing their E-Mail ports. I have a certificate for the server. And when connecting via servername:993/995/465 it shows the certificate. Everything is fine.

What the users are used on doing, is add mail.domainname.tld to their mail clients. What I want to happen is that when users connect with the mail client to

  • imap.domainname.tld:993 it gets forwarded to shared.server:993
  • imap.domainname.tld:995 it gets forwarded to shared.server:995
  • smtp.domainname.tld:465 it gets forwarded to shared.server:465

shared.server:993 has a certificate. I want them to be able to keep using mail.domainname without getting a certificate mismatch.


I suggest the better option would be to register a multi-domain certificate tied to the server. This will then allow all the domains to connect securely with a valid certificate as long as it's to the right IP. Still secure just allows the domains.

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