I have a socks proxy made available to a remote computer, using ssh:

ssh -D remoteuser@remotemachine

I've adjusted the /etc/proxychains.conf:

socks4 9999

After a couple of tests, I've learned that proxychains can't handle nmap's SYN scans and neither does it support UDP or ICMP, so I've restricted my nmap scan:

proxychains nmap -sT X.X.X.X --top-ports 1000 -vv

This appears to be working fine, although slow, when looking at the terminal running nmap, but the terminal displaying the ssh socks proxy, goes wild with the following message:

channel 2: open failed: connect failed: Connect failed

I'm assuming that this is feedback of the TCP connect scan. Does this impact the result of the scan or is this a common message? Is there a way to suppress non-critical messages?

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