I had asked how to apply patch in a debian package?. After that I had tried to figure out patches against interesting packages and was able to get a script that tells that. cleaning output of a script so it's descending, gives package names and cleanly exists. Now I came to know of something similar to patch called a debdiff which is part of devscripts. I saw the manpage (which I couldn't understand or make a head or tail of). I tried various search engine keyword manipulations to get if there is a way to use debdiff to do what we do with patch but came up empty. One of the patches which interests me is https://bugs.debian.org/845173. As can be seen it has a debdiff and not a patch. Conceptually though, both seem similar or/and same. They may or may not be subtle differences that I'm aware of.

My query is would the command be the same — e.g. is

$ patch -p1 < ../$whatever.debdiff 

the same as

$ patch -p1 < ../$whatever.patch 

or are there any differences or anything that I should know/remember to try out?


debdiff is a tool, not a file format, and one of the things it can produce is a patch. So yes, the command to apply the file in #845173 is simply

patch -p1 < debdelta_0.55+nmu1.debdiff

You'll probably also find files with .nmudiff extensions in your explorations of bugs with patches; these are also plain patches and apply in the same way.

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