I am using VPS hosting and I am quite new to it. If you look at the attached image, you will clearly understand the problem. Click here to see screenshot

I am going to explain too - My VPS is set up with cent OS 6. At the very first I can see the folder tree but since I an new to VPS, I explore about it on internet and try some commands. Later, I notice that when I go into file manager from cPanel, I can't see folder tree anymore.

What I tried!

  1. I tried to change folder permissions
  2. I have acquired root access with my user account

But nothing can fix the problem. Please help.


For someone who might encounter this problem and come to this page. I tried to update cPanel to latest version as well but it didn't fix in my case. It was a permission problem and I run the bash code shared on this website

  1. I downloaded the bash file she uploaded by using wget
  2. Rename the file to remove .txt at the end by using mv
  3. And then I used sudo ./path/to/file.sh anoteruser

It would took some times to fix the permissions for each folder depending on the total number of files and folders on your server.

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