Say, if I want to copy /etc/bin to a folder while maintaining the file attributes as well as parent directories. [The target folder should not just contain bin folder but /etc/bin.]

Is the possible to do this? Do zipping and unzipping using tar works?

  • tar always work. – David Dai Nov 23 '16 at 2:45
  • What about ownership? – Rinato Fenice Nov 23 '16 at 3:31

man tar:

   -P, --absolute-names
          Don't strip leading slashes from file names  when  creating  ar‐

   -p, --preserve-permissions, --same-permissions
          extract information about file permissions  (default  for  supe‐

          Enable extended attributes support.
mkdir target/etc
cp -Rp /etc/bin target/etc/

or (GNU only)

mkdir target/etc
cp -a /etc/bin target/etc/


mkdir target/etc
rsync -aAX /etc/bin target/etc/

or (classic unix)

find /etc/bin | cpio -pm target

or (classic unix, the other )

( cd / && tar -tf - etc/bin ) | (cd target && tar -xf - )

or (the POSIX replacement that few people seem to have heard of)

mkdir target/etc
pax -rw -pe etc/bin target/etc/

All of these preserve traditional Unix metadata (permissions, timestamps¹, ownership if run as root². Depending on your system, they may or may not preserve additional metadata such as ACL and extended attributes (some of them may require additional options, e.g. --acls --xattrs with GNU tar).

¹ Except for the ctime which can't be copied, and for directory atimes for some methods. ² Only root can preserve ownership.

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