I have a 500 GB hard disk and it haas been partitioned into 4 partitions namely C,D,E,F.

Windows 7 version is installed in C drive while Ubuntu 16.04 is installed in D drive. The other two partitions contain my personal data. I had first installed Windows 7 and then later did also install Ubuntu (in dual boot mode). When asked for the root point, I specified /. As a result my laptop is configured to run both the operating systems. A startup screen comes where I select the OS to work with and then I continue with the selected OS.

Currently I am facing some issues with Windows 7 OS and the situation demands a reinstall of the same. Is it possible to re-install Windows 7 without having to remove and re-install Ubuntu?

A similar situation came some months back and I just removed both the OS one by one. I do not want to go through the same energy draining procedure again.

Could you please help me with the procedure?


Reinstall windows, wiping the ubuntu partition also, ie full installation. The error grub rescue will occur. To overcome that, launch the command prompt from the windows boot drive/cd and use the commands

bootrec /fixmbr and bootrec /fixboot

The windows should boot normally, and now you can reinstall ubuntu

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