Since I have issues with my remote server [authorized_keys...] I wrote a script on my local machine that uses expect command to ssh into the server and then perform cd and then git pull

But I can't get this thing to work:

spawn ssh USER@IP_ADDRESS   
expect {
    "USER@IP_ADDRESS's password:"  {
        send "PASSWORD\r"
    "[USER@server ~]$" {
        send "cd public_html"

Do I need to escape some chars? even when I try it still ignores the cd command.


[ is special to TCL so will need proper handling, either via "\[quotes]" or by replacing the quotes with curly braces {[quotes]}. A more complete example would look something like

#!/usr/bin/env expect

set prompt {\[USER@HOST[[:blank:]]+[^\]]+\]\$ }
spawn ssh USER@HOST

expect_before {
    # TODO possibly with logging, or via `log_file` (see expect(1))
    timeout { exit 1 }
    eof { exit 1 }

# connect
expect {
    # if get a prompt then public key auth probably logged us in
    # so drop out of this block
    -re $prompt {}
    -ex "password:" {
        send -- "Hunter2\r"
        expect -re $prompt
    # TODO handle other cases like fingerprint mismatch here...

# assuming the above got us to a prompt...
send -- "cd FIXMESOMEDIR\r"

expect {
    # TWEAK error message may vary depending on shell (try
    # both a not-exist dir and a chmod 000 dir)
    -ex " cd: " { exit 1 }
    -re $prompt {}

# assuming the above got us to a prompt and that the cd was
# properly checked for errors...
send -- "echo git pull FIXMEREMOVEDEBUGECHO\r"

expect -re $prompt
  • nice answer. You might want to distinguish between the timeout and eof cases with a different exit status. – glenn jackman Nov 22 '16 at 20:22
  • Wow! works great! note sure I get the expect_before thingie but thanks! – Broshi Nov 23 '16 at 6:48
  • I just added another send -- "exit\r" in the end to disconnect, works perfect! – Broshi Nov 23 '16 at 6:48

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