I'm trying to install busybox on my tab.
I copied the busybox binaries to my tab, went to its location, then printed "./busybox", enter.
message appeared: "can't execute: is a directory"
It looks like the shell searched for a valid binary in directory to execute and found nothing, maybe my tab needs a specific binary architect that doesn't exist in busybox folder! but I haven't any proof.
thank you for reading and helping!


No, the shell didn't look for a valid binary in directory to execute and found nothing. It simply tried to execute the directory. Apparently, that's not the way to go.

Sometimes, in some shells, but I can't name them, executing a directory results in opening it, or setting it as the working directory. Still, however, if you want to execute a file within it, you need to give the command explicitly. Thus if there's any script in ./directory, you need to either:

  • move to that directory

    cd directory

    and then execute the executable:

  • or execute it from where you are now without moving first, eg.


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