Distro : Fedora 24

Virtualisation : VMware pro

In a quest to learn about runlevels in Unix/Linux Systems and since i'm using Fedora with systemd , i use the following command to go from level 5 (with the GUI GNOME) to level 3, but instead of getting a command shell i get a black screen with nothing, am i misunderstunding something ? :

# systemctl isolate multi-user.target

Black Screen :

Black Screen

My configuration :

enter image description here


After much research , the solution is to change the Linux Terminal from tty1 to tty2 for example , the shortcut to do so is : Ctrl + alt + F2 (if you use a VM , go in full screen mode before using the shortcut) , but now i have another problem, when i want to get to graphic mode i get "PolicyKit daemon disconnected from the bus" which apparently is a bug : PolicyKit bug

More informations :

Ubuntu Forum

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