I installed enlightenment on my arch but I experience some rather strange behaviour.

If I start it with startx /bin/enlightenment_start I get a black screen and a mouse cursor. The same happens if I do startx with a single exec enlightenment_start inside.

If I just run enlightenment_start (from tty) it starts and I can click around, open file explorer and some settings windows, but nothing more. I can't open xterm or chromium or vim or whatever. Nothing happens.

However, I noticed something weird. If I try to open vim in enlightenment and then log out (i.e. return to the tty; I do not use any graphical login managers), I get the zsh prompt again but get some vimy behaviour. The cursor goes to the top of the screen and starts rewriting some characters there. In some cases I do also see the insert mode indicator.
If I do ctrl-c I get "type :q to quit vim". If I type it, it gets written on the screen. I.e. I get some mixed prompt/vim behaviour which I escape only by running pkill vim from the outside. Then I get back the working prompt.

I couldn't find anything related neither on SE nor in the official website. According to the arch docs it should work only by installing it and running startx.

Any ideas on how to make enlightenment usable?

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