I want to resize a PuTTY window to its default (e.g. 32x120). Typically I enlarge the window with the mouse in one dimension. Afterward I want to resize it to its “default” again. Of course I can resize the window with the mouse but it is a little painful to get it somehow right. I am looking for a solution which for example I can put on a function key.

If I double click on the upper window boarder the window is maximized. Doing it again it restores the last size.

I tried also with the package xterm the resize command resize -s 32 120 but I just get a time out: resize: Time out occurred. Maybe it is due to the fact that PuTTY doesn’t support (fully?) xterm. The variable TERM is set to xterm

My question is, is there a trick how I can resize the window to the default values. With default I mean the size when I created the window or a defined number of columns and rows.

I am working on Ubuntu 16.04


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PuTTY recognizes the feature used by resize, but its dialog can disable it, giving the result you report. That is "Disable remote-controlled terminal resizing" in the "Terminal/Features" tab.

Also, if you happen to be running in screen or tmux, those can interfere with the resize program. As a workaround, detaching from those programs temporarily works for me.

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  • The Disable remote-controlled terminal resizing is not marked. Thanks for the tips but they don't seem to help.
    – musbach
    Nov 20, 2016 at 15:09

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