I have a keyboard with an Apple/Mac layout (Option and Command instead of Alt and Windows keys), but I can't get its number keypad to work. I was able to figure out that the number keys are being used as a directional pad (4 as left, 6 as right, etc.) I found some advice online to press fn+F6 twice to change the numpad's behavior but it doesn't do anything.


Figured it out and thought I'd save someone else the trouble.

The clear key in the numpad (in the top left) functions as a numlock on this keyboard (the key that regulates how the numpad functions). Press the key to toggle between the numpad's two functions (as numpad and as directional pad).

  • Actually, it is the numlock key, from the keyswitch on downwards. The USB code that is sent over the wire is the NumLock code. The differences lie in (a) what is engraved on the keytop and (b) how Apple operating systems interpret that keycode. – JdeBP Nov 20 '16 at 16:51
  • The key functions as "clear" on OS X so it's likely that the key default "numlock" function as it would be on any other keyboard. (If the keyboard was recognized properly, there would be no numlock toggle.) – Wolf Nov 20 '16 at 16:54

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