Hi this works till now with my online links, but I can't get any music from my offline usb.hdd.

Via console it works with the comment

vlc play /media/pi/fmgNAS/Music/90_Discoteque_Mix_Vol.1/Scooter_-_Friends_Maxi.mp3

But via a only One Song or alls songs from my usb HDD won't play

I created a autostart via systemd service from https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/VLC_media_player

The vlc.service file includes this:

[Unit] Description=VideoOnLAN Service After=network.target

[Service] Type=forking User=vlcd ExecStart=/usr/bin/vlc play /home/pi/playlist.xspf --daemon --syslog -I http --http-port 8090 --http-password PASS Restart=on-abort

[Install] WantedBy=multi-user.target

My playlist.xspf is here:

Playlist /home/pi/playlist.xspf Pause vlc://pause:60 60 0 BB Radio 90's http://streambbr.ir-media-tec.com/90s/mp3-128/radioplayer_web/play.mp3 1 All Songs from my usb HDD file:///home/pi/playlist.Platte.m3u 2 One Song from my usb HDD file:///media/pi/fmgNAS/Music/90_Discoteque_Mix_Vol.1/Scooter_-_Friends_Maxi.mp3 3

Do I need to give the user vlcd some rights?

pi@Loader:~ $ ls -l /media/pi/fmgNAS/Musik/ total 873733 drwx------ 1 pi pi 8192 Nov 19 12:54 90_Discoteque_Mix_Vol.1 drwx------ 1 pi pi 8192 Nov 24 2015 90's Discoteque Mix Vol 2

What do i made wrong?

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