My favorite bittorrent tracker just went down for good after a long run, and now I'd like to do some cleanup -- specifically I want to purge the 2000 or so torrent files from just that tracker out of my torrents directory. I can write a perl script to run a tool like aria2c and then parse the output for the Announce field, but that seems overly complicated. Is there an easier way?


I went ahead and wrote a script to do this. It's a little fussy because torrent file names frequently contain spaces and other unix-unfriendly characters, but it works. I'm using transmission-show to read the torrent files because it comes loaded with my client, but you could look at the answers to "is there a tool to view a torrent file?" for a list of other tools.


@files = `ls -1`;
  $current = $_;
  $out = `transmission-show "$current"`;
  if($out =~ /INSERT\.TRACKER\.HERE/){
    system("mv \"$current\" ../destination_folder");

Be sure to create a backup of your torrents directory first

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