escape F12 # does not work

Other Trys:

escape ^|^| # ctrl+\ as prefix

escape ^@@ # ctrl+space

escape `e # ~ as prefix

escape ^[[24~ # F12 nope did not work :( F2 are F12

Screen version 4.00.03


You can't use a function key, because that sends multiple characters. According to the manual:

escape xy

Set the command character to x and the character generating a literal command character (by triggering the "meta" command) to y (similar to the -e option). Each argument is either a single character, a two-character sequence of the form "^x" (meaning "C-x"), a backslash followed by an octal number (specifying the ASCII code of the character), or a backslash followed by a second character, such as "\^" or "\\". The default is "^Aa".

Each form, however expressed, corresponds to a single ASCII code.

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  • it work in tmux hope it was a way in gnu screen too :) – K.D.G Nov 19 '16 at 13:38

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