using the ARM Trustzone technology, we are running a secure OS "alongside" Linux, and in our current setting, the ethernet controller is locked in the secure side, Linux can't access it (it will trigger an asynchronous external abort). I order to prevent Linux access, I would like to disable the driver in charge of the ethernet (FEC, Freescale Ethernet Controller). I know that I can disable the driver using "make menuconfig", but it seems a bit too radical, since we have now device-trees in Linux ARM kernel.

  1. What if I remove the fecnode of my device tree ? Will this prevent Linux access to the device ?
  2. What if I use the status = "disabled"; option of the DT, will this prevent Linux access to the device ?

Best, V.


Yes, both option will work because then linux will not try to probe the driver hence no accesses will be made.

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