I installed Fedora 24 on my main drive, but later decided to install it on my solid state drive instead. After doing so, I tried to mount my main drive (after running cryptsetup), but this happened:

# lvrename /dev/fedora/home /dev/fedora/althome 
  Multiple VGs found with the same name: skipping fedora 
  Use the VG UUID with --select vg_uuid=<uuid>

# lvdisplay

: above lists my partitions uuids

# lvrename --select vg_uuid=my-vg-uuid /dev/fedora/home /dev/fedora/althome

lvrename: unrecognized option '--select'

Since the given instructions don't work, how do I resolve this?


Use vgdisplay to find the volume group's UUID (not the logical volume's UUID) and then:

vgrename my-vg-id oldfedora

This appears to be a bug in Fedora 24.

  • In case the command is not found (Synology), try lvm vgrename instead of plain vgrename. – koppor Jan 13 at 0:04

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