I successfully installed a live debian 8.x on a 4G thumb-drive, like many times before. However, this time there is a 33GiB tee.1.gz file in /usr/share/man/man1/, which is much larger than a normal zipped manpage, and also "impossible", since the thumbdrive is only 4GiB big.

Attempting rm $file, with -f and without, even when mounting on a different installation, yields "Operation not permitted". fsck.ext4 -yf doesn't change the outcome. I also tried unlink and chattr -i.

I also tried writing to other parts of the filesystem, successfully. So the BlockDevice is mounted rw.

How do I get rid of this file? (It breaks apt-get update, because "Mandb trigger" an out-of-memory condition attempting to process tee.1.gz)

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