I have installed the Lightworks video editor on Debian Jessie. For best performance it needs to run on a discrete video card with the proprietary driver. A Nvidia GTX 860M in my case. I have installed Bumblebee to switch between video cards as needed. With optirun or primusrun it is possible to run an application using the Nvidia card.

When I use optirun for Lightworks it crashes after startup. When I use primusrun it doesn't and performance is okay. Why is that? What is the difference between the two?

This question has been asked before, but remains unanswered.

This answer on a different question does allude to a difference, but doesn't explain it.


Bumblebee, earlier was using VirtualGL as its core and now switched to Primus technology.

optirun uses VirtualGL and primusrun uses the Primus technology. That must be the reason.

Note: Though the question was posted long back, the answer would help those want to understand the difference.

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