I have an XML output file from the lstopo command and I wanted to build a PNG file for it. Can I do this using the command line? Something like:

lstopo -i out.xml -o abc.png

Is something like this possible?


You should be able to build a PNG file (containing a graphic rendering of your topology) from your XML file (which was created by lstopo) with the command

lstopo --input out.xml --output-format png abc.png

In fact, it may be good enough to say

lstopo  -i out.xml  abc.png

because lstopo should assume that the output format is PNG if the output filename has a .png extension (a.k.a. suffix), and --input can be abbreviated to -i.

XML support must have been compiled into hwloc for the --input option to be usable.  See the lstopo man page (and, if necessary, the pages it links to) for more information.

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