I have a laptop I use at home and at work. When at work, I generally use one printer, and at home I use my home printer. Is there a way to automatically set the default printer to a specific printer based on the network I'm connected to?

Linux Mint lets me automatically connect to a specific VPN if I connect to a certain wifi network. Is there some sort of hook in linux that fires when a specific network connected is activated?

I would prefer an application or similar that already if it exists, but I'm open to writing a script if need be.

If there is no current functionality like this, what events/hooks would I need to use to detect the change in network connectivity, and what command would I then use to change the default printer?


If you have both printers installed installed(you can only have one set as default)you can change the default printer when you hook up the printer.

Go to settings and then click on printers. Do a right click on the printer you want to set as default. set the default. that should work, but you must do that each time you change printers.

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