I installed an upstream openssh using the default-release, apt install -t testing ... method. Now I wish to downgrade it.

There's a similar question but I believe my question is different because it is specific to the installation/upgrade method I used.

I thought that I could just do it like this:

apt install -V openssh-server -t jessie

but that still picks up the newer repo. There are no preferences or pins set anywhere.

I'm interested in whether there's a way to do this. Please refrain from telling me I've made a FrankenDebian system and I'm terribly stupid for doing so - I've already understood that :-)


You should specify the desired release for the package:

apt install openssh-server/jessie

The -t option defines a priority 990 pin using the given release, so it won't downgrade anything — that requires pin priorities greater than 1000. Specifying a release for a package requests that specific version, whether it's an upgrade or a downgrade (or nothing at all if the given version is already installed).

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