We're working on a project to create some virtual machines on a server to run some GNS3 Labs for training. We'll also have some VM's setup to run Nagios for testing configs against these GNS3 Labs.

Currently, I have been given a VM running Debian with KDE. I can have more created later for however many labs we choose to run.

I can get at the terminal just fine from my Windows PC on the same network. I've got Xming running, but when I try to use startx I get

VMware: No 3D enabled (0, Success)

I've tried running startkde, but this is resulting in a KDE desktop that's so slow it's unusable and Xming tends to crash. This may be partially due to the fact that the desktop is spanning across all 3 of the monitors on my windows work station, but I haven't found a way to prevent this.

I'm thinking that VNC may be a more suitable solution for working in a graphical setting, but I can't figure out how to remotely start a persistent KDE desktop that I can then remotely connect to with a VNC viewer.

I need the desktop to be persistent so that the GNS3 lab remains up and running between remote sessions so that myself and other users can pickup where I left off and the other VM's on the server can continue to interact with the GNS3 labs.

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