I am learning linux networking. I am very confused by the config file locations. What I read on the web doesn't match how my machine is set up.

I am using Mint 18. I am using network-manager & dnsmasq.

On the dnsmasq setup page, they mention that dnsmasq can be configured in /etc/dnsmasq.conf. I do not have this file...

However there is a /etc/dnsmasq.d/network-manager and there is also /etc/NetworkManager/dnsmasq.d/

I think (alhtough I do not know), that /etc/NetworkManager/dnsmasq.d is where I should place my config file. Is this to do with NetworkManager's plugins?

If so what is /etc/dnsmasq.d? Should I put my config file here?


So by running ps ax | grep dnsmasq I was able to see where the config file comes from and what configurations are use currently...

>ps ax | grep dnsmasq
 1273 ?        S      0:00 /usr/sbin/dnsmasq --no-resolv --keep-in-foreground --no-hosts --bind-interfaces --pid-file=/var/run/NetworkManager/dnsmasq.pid --listen-address= --cache-size=0 --conf-file=/dev/null --proxy-dnssec --enable-dbus=org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.dnsmasq --conf-dir=/etc/NetworkManager/dnsmasq.d

As can be seen --conf-dir=/etc/NetworkManager/dnsmasq.d


On Linux Mint, running whereis dnsmaq points the /etc/dnsmasq.d in which is a README file describing that config files can be added to this directory and how to change the default config directory:

# All files in this directory will be read by dnsmasq as 
# configuration files, except if their names end in 
# ".dpkg-dist",".dpkg-old" or ".dpkg-new"
# This can be changed by editing /etc/default/dnsmasq

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