With fedora 15 or 16, I don't find the directory for execute a shell script automaticaly at shutdown...


Fedora 16 has replaced the legacy "System V" style init scripts -- which let you run scripts at startup and shutdown via scripts in /etc/rc.d -- with systemd. You can create a systemd service file that runs a shell script when it starts and stops, much like a traditional init script. Put something like the following in /lib/systemd/system/runonshutdown.service:

ExecStart=/path/to/myscript start
ExecStop=/path/to/myscript stop


With this in place, you can then run:

# chkconfig runonshutdown on
ln -s '/lib/systemd/system/runonshutdown.service' '/etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants/runonshutdown.service'

When your system boots, it will run /path/to/myscript start, and when your system shuts down, it will run /path/to/myscript stop.

For more information, read the systemd.service(5) man page.

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