I had the interface configured with static IP. Configuration was located in /etc/hostname.{if-name} to configure interface after boot.

Now I need to configure it using DHCP. I created file /etc/{if-name}.dhcp Then I cleared /etc/hostname.{if-name} and past here only hostname.

After boot it doesn,t managed with dhcp but gets old config which was in /etc/hostname.{if-name}

I'm using Solaris 11

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    Looks like Oracle has introduced more (newer! betterer!) commands to configure your Solaris 11 networking. Try looking at oracle.com/technetwork/articles/servers-storage-admin/… for more information. – Thomas N Nov 11 '16 at 15:39
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    A quick look at the manual will give you the answer. Hint: look at ipadm man page. Management via files is not longer applicable with Solaris 11. – BitsOfNix Nov 11 '16 at 16:38

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