thanks in advance

I have 2 networks and one debian gateway

network 1 (eth0) network 2 (eth1)

if I want ping from 10.... to 192.... do I need to add both gateways to the pcs ? like and If I put then like that the ping occur with no problems, if I put only has gateway, there is no ping. from 10 to 192


You can have many interfaces on a system. Each one can have an IP on a diffferent subnet. There's a default gateway where all traffic go to. You'll need to add static route for other subnets.

For example.

eth0 eth1 eth2 default gw:

If there's no other routes, all outgoing traffics will go to, even those for 10.x.x.x.

There should be gw for other subnet also, hopefully. You should have static routes such as

route add -net gw dev eth1

route add -net gw dev eth2

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