On linux, using rename to rename multiple directories. I want to rename directories starting with higher case characters to lower case and add a special character, let's say _ before the first letter.

For example I want to rename Myfile to _myfile

The best I came up with so far is :

rename -n 'y/[A-Z]/[a-z]' *

But when I add my character to this regular expression I get the following error :

rename -n 'y/[A-Z]/_[a-z]' *
Replacement list is longer than search list at (eval 90) line 1.

How can I add the special character to the regular expression?


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rename -n 's/^([A-Z])/_\L$1/' */
  • ^([A-Z]) matches any uppercase letter at start, and put in captured group 1

  • In the replacement, we are lowercasing (\L) the captured group 1 with perpending a _

  • */ matches only directories

Remove -n for actual renaming action:

rename 's/^([A-Z])/_\L$1/' */

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