I was thinking how to automatically rollback network misconfigurations with etckeeper and systemd.


# etckeeper commit
# $EDITOR /etc/systemd/network/wired.network
# systemctl restart systemd-networkd
You broke the network! I'm calling your mom!
Here's your broken config:
$(cat broken_file)
$(etckeeper vcs reset -- old_config_file)

# $EDITOR /etc/systemd/network/wired.network
# systemctl restart systemd-networkd

Currently i'm stuck how to hook into restart event.

gdbus monitor --system --dest org.freedesktop --object-path /org/freedesktop

Doesn't output anything when running

# systemctl restart systemd-networkd

Script itself could be something like:

  • hook into systemd restart and if possible, directly into restart systemd-networkd
  • Read the hook information if it contains that restart failed, otherwise read systemctl is-active systemd-networkd
  • Rename broken file to $file.broken
  • Restore: etckeeper vcs reset -- $file
  • systemctl stop automatic-net-configuration-rollback.service (so that there's no infinite loop)
  • systemctl restart systemd-networkd
    • Works -> systemctl start automatic-net-configuration-rollback.service
    • Doesn't -> echo Rollbacked config file doesn't work either. Repair manually and start automatic rollback after it works.

Is this possible and/or does systemd already have this kind of service built-in or has someone made one already? My google searches came up empty.

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