From my understanding, bash is case sensitive. So cd .. would work and CD .. wouldn't.

However, inputting CD .. doesn't throw any errors (it doesn't do anything). Why is that? If I type an incorrect command such as ls-a instead of ls -a the terminal throws an error immediately, but for CD .. nothing is displayed. In fact, I thought it actually worked until I took a closer look at my directory.

Also, if the error is being suppressed by default, is there a way to have it throw an error?

My biggest concern is that no errors are being thrown, and I am under the false impression my commands are actually working making it harder to debug.


I think your distro has an alias or symlink of it. This is the normal behavior (Debian):

$CD ..
mksh: CD: not found

$ CD ..
bash: CD: command not found

That's an Apple bug, your options are;

  • re-install MacOS with case-sensitive enabled.
  • report the bug to Apple.
  • Install Linux

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