I have the pid and I just stopped a program using

kill -stop PID

Now I want to continue it by doing

kill -cont PID

But only if it's already stopped. How would I check to see if it's stopped or running?

  • you say a program in the title, so you mean the name or you mean the PID like in the example? – aurelien Nov 6 '16 at 15:54
  • Do you want to continue it in the foreground (grabbing the terminal) or in the background? – Eric Towers Nov 6 '16 at 15:57

You can check whether the process is in stopped state, T is ps output.

You can do:

[ "$(ps -o state= -p PID)" = T ] && kill -CONT PID
  • [ "$(ps -o state= -p PID)" = T ] tests whether the output of ps -o state= -p PID is T, if so send SIGCONT to the process. Replace PID with the actual process ID of the process.

Another way would be

status=`cat /proc/$pid/wchan`
if [ "$status" == "do_signal_stop" ] ; then
  echo "$pid sleeps: $status"
  echo "$pid does not sleep: $status"
ps -e | grep | PROGRAM 


while true;
kill program 

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