I really like this style of taskbar. I've been using it for 15+ years (since windows 2000?) and I just like it.

Left side:

enter image description here

Right side:

enter image description here

I briefly tried creating this layout with Cinnamon but was not successful.

Is there a desktop environment that is stable and fast that will let me configure it so the bottom bar looks and feels like a double-height windows taskbar with quick launch icons?


  • Xfce can be configured for 2 or more rows, but i'm afraid just the rows of shortcuts among themselves and beside them the rows of window-buttons among themselves. -- maybe you can build yourself something like that with a panel and a dock atop... – DJCrashdummy Nov 6 '16 at 20:25

I was able to do this using Mate and two panels across the bottom. It's not identical (the "start" button and System Tray aren't double-height), but it's the best I've been able to find.

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