I have two directories dirOrig and dirDest in different remote servers. Both of them have numerous subdirectories at various depths. I now need to copy a specific file or extension -- say file1.txt recursively from dirOrig to dirDest. But, I need to copy the file only if the subdirectory is already present in dirDest.

For example, I can systematically copy only a specific file from source to destination using rsync using

rsync -zarv  --prune-empty-dirs --include "*/"  --include="file1.txt" --exclude="*" "dirOrig" "dirDest"

But how to restrict this copy only to the subdirectories present in the destination (dirDest)

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I dont know of a single command, but the hack that I came up with is as follows.

  1. Use rsync to copy the dirOrig from server1 to server2

    rsync -zarv --prune-empty-dirs --include "*/" \ --include="file1.txt" --exclude="*" "server1:dirOrig" \ "server2:dirOrig"

  2. Delete the subdirectories in the copied dirOrig that are not present in dirDest using comm

    comm -23 <( cd server2:dirOrig && find -mindepth 1 -type d | sort ) \ <( cd server2:dirDest && find -mindepth 1 -type d | sort ) \ | ( cd server2:dirOrig && xargs rm -rf )

  3. Finally rsync the dirDest with dirOrig based on checksum and delete all files in dirOrig not present in dirDest except for file1.txt

    rsync -acv --exclude=file1.txt --delete \ server2:dirDest server2:dirOrig

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