When I try to enable the Gnome mmkeys plugin in gmusicbrowser I get:

Error: Can't find the dbus Settings Daemon for gnome or MATE

I already have installed gnome-keyring package, which seems to be the relevant component here. Any idea what is going on? I have a fresh install of Debian Jessie with Xfce.

enter image description here

  • gnome-keyring package has nothing to do with dbus. – Stéphane Gourichon May 28 '18 at 13:02

As it turns out, that plug-in doesn't work with xfce. Still, the multimedia keys can be enabled using the method described here, as suggested by don_crissti. The two steps are:

  1. Download script:

    sudo wget -q -O /tmp/gmb.sh https://goo.gl/18uaAO
  2. Install:

    bash /tmp/gmb.sh install

That's it! Multimedia keys working flawlessly on Debian Jessie Xfce

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