There are multiple tools for converting Nikon raw images (.NEF) to JPEG, as well as there are multiple discussions on this topic (e.g. Converting .NEF to .JPG). My question regards optimal settings for nice output images.

I have a bunch of NEF files. When I open them in Gwenview (4.14.0 pre), they look great. In that application, I can save them as JPEGs individually. The output files look the same (i.e. fine), but it does not seem to provide a way to do it in batch. Saving the files one by one is nonsense.

So I'd like to use a bash tool. Anyway, if I convert the images with mogrify -format JPG *.NEF or convert DSC0001.NEF DSC0001.JPG (see the aforementioned discussion), the output files are pretty dark. I wonder what parameters should be used to achieve the same (or at least similar) results, compared to Gwenview. (Not really sure how Gwenview detects the "optimal" settings - NEF metadata? Math?)

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