I connect to two servers with my irssi irc client at the same time. Let's call them serverA and serverB. Both servers have a chat room called #xyz. However when I join #xyz it only connects me to the room on serverA. But I want to connect to the irc room with the same name on serverB. Is it possible to do that?


You can use the server tags to select the server on which to join the channel.

The /SERVER command will show you the servers you are connected to:

16:42 -!- atw-inter: irc.atw-inter.net:6667 ()
16:42 -!- servercentral: servercentral.il.us.quakenet.org:6667 ()

In my case the tags are atw-inter and servercentral.

Now to join a channel on a specific server use the /JOIN command with the related server tag. So to join the channel #xyz on servercentral.il.us.quakenet.org:6667 use:

/JOIN -servercentral #xyz

The /HELP command gives more info about the commands and options.

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