So, once in a while a video file (.mkv) will appear green (Executable or recognized data file) instead of pink (Graphic image file). I run mediainfo on the file and bitrate, length, framerate all seem to be good. Are there any issues with the file? I feel as if a recognized video format file should not appear green instead of pink.

(Playing the file is not an option, it's on a vps)

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    chmod -x file.mkv Nov 2, 2016 at 4:32

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The green colour (by default) indicates that the file is executable. If you run ls *.mkv, you can see that the green ones have at least one of the x permission bits set. While this won’t affect your ability to play the video files, it makes sense to fix their file access permissions (since video files should not – nor can’t – be executed as programs). To remove the executable permission from all .mkv files in the current directory, run

chmod -x *.mkv

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