I'll explain what I mean. Suppose I've created a horizontal split and then zoomed the top pane.

Then when I'm pressing C-w-l bounded to select-pane -R (I'm using vim and TmuxNavigator plugin to 'seamless' navigation between tmux and vim panes) tmux would unzoom pane and the active pane would remain the same. I don't like that.

If I would press C-w-j bounded to select-pane -D tmux would unzoom and make bottom pane active which I like very much.

How can I disable the first behaviour while saving the second?


You would have to replace your bindings on the binds you want to have the zoom after pressing. You would need to add the resize-pane -Z command directly after the normal behavior of the key. For example if C-<prefix>-l is normally bound to select-pane -L you would change it to select-pane -L ; resize-pane -Z. You can do this with the following command.

:bind-key -T prefix l select-pane -L\; resize-pane -Z

Note: You need to escape the ; otherwise tux will interpret resize-pane -Z as its own command after bind-key

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  • Okay, so first of all adding resize-pane -Z after select-pane -L messes tmux somehow and it start to showing something like random letters instead of terminal. But even if this would work properly, I don't think that this is the answer to my question. Imagine I would have two windows in vertical split and then zommed into the left one, then pressed C-w-l. Tmux would unzoom right pane and bring me to the left one and then it would zoom into left one, which isn't what I want. – user1685095 Nov 22 '16 at 11:45
  • @user1685095 did you give it a try? It all happens so fast you can't visually tell. – Zachary Brady Nov 22 '16 at 11:49
  • I told you I did. Tmux screwed the terminal completely after that. It's not about speed it's about wrong logic. If there is a pane in the left I want to switch to it. If there isn't I want to stay in zoom. And what your solution would do AFAIK is it would switch me to the left pane and zoom into it. What I need is a way to determine if there is a window next to the current. – user1685095 Nov 22 '16 at 11:52

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