I get notifications of new email when there are files in my maildir directories ~/.mail/*/Inbox/new. However, when I read a new email in mutt, files only move out of these directories when I quit mutt, or sync the mailbox. Ideally, I'd like the email to move immediately, when read. Hence I attempted to modify the default commands associated with Enter (in index), and j/k (in pager), by adding the following to ~/.mutt/muttrc.

macro index <Enter> "<display-message><sync-mailbox>" "display a message, then sync"
macro pager j "<next-undeleted><sync-mailbox>" "move to the next undeleted message, then sync"
macro pager k "<previous-undeleted><sync-mailbox>" "move to the previous undeleted message, then sync"

I confirmed that these were accepted by mutt by pressing ? for help in index/pager. j and k seem to work fine in pager mode; sync is immediately run. However, pressing Enter in index mode doesn't seem to work; there is no sync. FWIW I tried to sync manually by pressing $ after Enter, and this worked correctly, moving the files as expected.

How can I make Enter immediately sync after displaying the message?


My j and k hacks don't work perfectly either. If I search using notmuch-mutt, it creates a temporary mailbox. After opening a mail in the pager, then pressing j or k, the next email is selected, but the pager is closed, presumably because sync fails. I get the error:

Mailbox is read-only.

So my question is now the more generic title: How can I make mutt automatically sync after reading an email?

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