I tried the following commands:

  1. Running the line below gives the output text mentioned.

    cat $tmp_list_address | sort | uniq | sed 's/^/address=\//;s/$/\/' > $tmp_list_final
  2. Running the line below gives the output text mentioned.

    sed -i 's/.*/address=&\/' $tmp_list_address
  3. I even tried doing things separately. The following adds the address= part. but when it tries to add the IP at the end, it changes to the output text below.

    sed -i 's/^/address=/' $tmp_list_address
    sed -i 's/$/$pixelserv_ip/' $tmp_list_ip

The original list is the one I am trying to get, where blanks and white spaces are also being saved, and I am removing them before trying to add text.

curl -s http://www.malwaredomainlist.com/hostslist/hosts.txt | grep -v "#" | sed '/^$/d' | sed 's/\ /\\ /g' | awk '{print $3}' | grep -v '^\\' | grep -v '\\$' | sort >> $tmp_list

sed -i 's/^ *//; s/ *$//; /^$/d' $tmp_list

Desired output:


Note: can be also some other IP address such as

Input text:


Output text:

  • Your question isn't at all clear to me, but you seem to have at least two classic issues (1) trying to use / in your pattern or replacement text when sed is already using it as a delimiter: here you need to either escape it \/ or switch to a different delimiter e.g. 's;^;address=/;' (2) expecting variable expansion to occur within single quotes 's/$/$pixelserv_ip/' (switch to double quotes). – steeldriver Oct 30 '16 at 18:51

Use sed grouping.

curl -s http://www.malwaredomainlist.com/hostslist/hosts.txt | sed 's#^\([0-9.]*\)  \([a-z0-9.]*\)#address=/\2/'

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